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Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik (widely known as Zakir Naik) is a world-famous religious preacher. He is very known for his excellent memory and the way of conveying. Answering very critical and sensitive questions regarding Islam brought him fame and controversy at the same time. Let’s get to know something more about the personality.

Personal Information

Full Name: Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik 
Nick Name:  Deedat Plus 
Screen Name: Zakir Naik 
Date Of Birth:  18 October 1965
Age Now:  55 years (as in 2020)
Zodiac Sign:  Libra 
Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 
Hometown:  Mumbai 
Current address: Malaysia (Permanent Resident) 
Nationality:  Indian
Indian Flag
Saudi Arabian 
Saudi Arabian Flag
Religious: Muslim 
Occupation: President of Islamic Research Foundation, Public speaker.
Active years: 1991–present

Physical Stats 

Height: In centimetres: 173 cm
In meters: 1.73 m
In feet: 5’8″ inches
Weight: In Kilogram: 70 kg
In Pounds: 154 Lbs 
Skin tone : Brown
Eye color:  Black
Hair color:  Black 

Family & Relative

Father’s name:  Abdul Karim Naik ( a physician in the profession)
Mother’s Name:  Not revealed 
Siblings:  Two 
Brothers name:  Mohammed Naik 
Sisters name:  Nailah Naushad Noorani 
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Farhat Naik 
Children: 2 (Two) 
Son: Fariq Naik 
Daughter: Rushdaa Naik 
Zakir Naik with read
with read

Educational Background

Zakir Naik is not only an outstanding Islamic preacher. But, also a very well trained physician. He completed his MBBS degree and started a career as a certified doctor. Later on, he preferred treating the soul with God’s vibe rather than treating the body with drugs.

Net Worth

  • Donations: 38.3 Malaysian Ringgit from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Middle Eastern Countries, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait from 2013 to 2017.
  • Unexplained Transactions: Investment on more than twenty flats and real estate in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Net Value: More than 113 million Malaysian Ringgit.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Zakir Naik

  • Zakir Naik is a practicing Muslim. He is not a smoker or alcohol drinker.
  • Deedat( preacher) is her first influence to enter the world of Dawah (preaching).
  • The MP of Wales named David Devis called Zakir Naik a hate-monger during Cardiff’s conferences. 
  • Surprisingly enough, Zakir Naik is facing money laundering in India with several other controversial topics worldwide. Indian government claims that Zakir Naik uses political favor to avoid arrest warrants from several countries for spreading hate speech. 

Awards and Nominations

Years: Awards Titles: organization:
2009 82th in 100 most powerful Indians  Indian Express
2010 89th most powerful person in India  Indian Express
2010 The most powerful Salafi  Parveen Swami 
2009-2019 500 most influential Muslims 
2013 Islamic Personality Of The Year  17th Dubai international holy Quran award 
2013 Tokoh Maal Hijrah Distinguished Personality  Department of Islamic development, Malaysia 
2013 Sharjah Award For Voluntary Work  Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the crown prince and the deputy ruler of Sharjah. 
2014 The Insignia Of The Commander Of The National Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia  Yahya Jammeh; the president of Gambia 
2014 Doctor Of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa)  University Of Gambia 
2015 King Faisal International Prize For Service To Islam  KSA 
Zakir Naik HD Photo
HD Photo


Zakir Naik debuted his Dawah career back in 1991. The process started with the establishment of the Islamic Research Foundation(IRF). He is the founder and head of the Peace Tv network’s comparative Islamic division that promotes humankind’s morality, truth, justice, and harmony.

The preacher is famous for mesmerizing more than 2000/4000 lectures based on Islam and Christianity, Islam VS. Secularism, and Islam with modern science. Zakir Naik’s first debate was in the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh on a book named Lajja by Taslima Nasreen. Zakir Naik is the founder of the United Islamic Aid.

The foundation provides scholarships to potential Muslim youth. Zakir has an inter-religious conversation with Ravi Shankar in January 2006 regarding God’s place in Islam and Hinduism. He addressed the oxford union in February 2007. Zakir Naik and twenty other Islamic preachers present debates and lectures on Islam at a ten-day convention every year.

Year  Place Topic 
2004 University Of Melbourne  Equality of women in islam 
2006 Wales  Similarities between religions 
2014 The University of Gambia on the tenth anniversary of The Gambian Revolution  Terrorism and jihad, Islamic perspective, Dawah, or destruction? 
2016 Malaysia  Similarities between Islam and Hinduism, is Quran God’s word? 
2019 Sultan Muhammad IV stadium, Kota Bharu, Kalantan  Islamophobia 
Zakir Naik Image


Zakir Naik is known for his intense and vivid views on popular and disputed topics. Some of them are.

Islam Supremacy:  Zakir Naik believes Islam is the best religion, as the Quran claims it. He says in defense that no other religious scripture declares such. Islam is intolerant regardlessly but towards corruption and discrimination.
Gender Rights and Equality:  According to Zakir Naik, a man is the family constitution leader and can beat the wife lightly.Zakir Naik is intolerant about the LGBTQ community and claims they are suffering from some sinful mental problems. It occurs to them as they watch pornography.Masturbation is Makruh( not promoted in Islam, but not Haram either).
Other Religious Belief: According to Zakir Naik, the Murtads( who convert from Islam) don’t necessarily deserve death until they spread hate speech against Islam. There is no maximum punishment for the apostates in Islam. Preaching and letting Islamic scholars spread Islamic belief in the land of other religions is appreciating. According to Zakir Naik, we should forbid the spread of other faiths in a Muslim land because different opinions are incorrect. Jihad is the most misunderstood and misguided word in Islam. According to the preacher, Jihad is never about any Holy war or such. Even the name was not in the Quran at first but the crusaders. Jihad is fighting for the betterment of society, and it’s unlawful to kill. Zakir Naik expressed these thoughts in Gambia University and all over the world on several occasions.
Terrorism and Attacks: The most shocking statement about the nine eleven attacks on the twin towers by Zakir Naik states that former President Bush is responsible for the attack. He did the spell to promote Islamophobia. Canada and the USA restricted his entry permission After the statement.According to the preachers, every Muslim should be a terrorist, whereas, by a terrorist, he means persons with a terrorise. 
Links To terrorists:  Once, an al Qaeda activist Najibullah Nazi found guilty of the bombing in the USA. The guy was a fan of Zakir Naik’s sermons. But Zakir denied any sympathy saying if any person kills an innocent, it’s like killing humanity according to Islam.Zakir Naik is firmly against the idea of ISIS. He claims the organization as AISIS that stands for Anti Islamic State Of Syria And Iraq. Zakir Naik bashed the media for linking the Orlando Nightclub Shooting Incidence with Islamic Jihad Enthusiasts. He stated that suicide bombing is haram if it kills any innocent relentless of Muslim or non-muslim. But, it is acceptable as a tactic of war. 
Narendra Modi Critic:  During 2007 the preacher was all for Modi as he is the first prime minister of Hindu oriented India to travel to many Muslim countries. But in 2009, Zakir Naik labeled Narendra Modi as the number one terrorist of India and remarked that their Political notations are not safe for Muslims. Recently, Zakir Naik said the Modi government approached him to favor abolishing section 370 regarding the Jammu and Kashmir issues offering safe passage. 
Media:  Zakir Naik Bashed the media for their double standard and Islamophobia. 
Music: According to him, music is haram as alcohol as both produce intoxication. 
Partition Of India:  Zakir Naik is firmly against the partition of the Indian Subcontinent. He called the advocated fighting for the separation as a non-practicing Muslim.
Biological Evaluation:  The preacher claims it is only a theory, nothing real.
Zakir Naik Picture

Favorite Personalities Favorite

  • Favorite Personality: Deedat (Islamic Preacher)
  • Favorite Book: Quran Sharif ( Holy Book Of Islam) 


Zakir Naik became a world sensation because, unlike most Islamic scholars, he delivered his lectures and debates in English. Where’re most prefer Urdu, Arabic, and such local languages. Apart from his presentation, this guy is known for his photographic memory and vivid command over the tongue. Proving the point, he has several publications to spread his thoughts. They are;

Books:  Publishers: ESBN: 
The concept of God in major religions  Darussalam Publishers  9789960988177
Answers to non-muslims common questions about Islam  Islamic Book Service  8172319282
Answers to non-muslims common questions Al Hasanat Publications
The Quran, The Bible in the light of science  Al Hasanat Publications
Is the Quran God’s Word? Al Hasanat Publications
Quran and Modern Science  Idara Impex  81711016146
Similarities between Islam and Hinduism  Idara Impex  8171017010
Similarities between Islam and Christianity  Idara Impex  8171017002
Is the Quran God’s Word?  Dr. Publication 
Answers to non-muslims common questions about Islam  Idara Impex 8171017029
The Qur’an and The Bible: In the Light Of Science  Idara Impex 8171017045
Is the Non-Vegetarian Foods permitted or prohibited for human being  Idara Impex 8171017053
Zakir Naik HD Picture
HD Picture

Fans, Followers, and Profiles Link

Social Media name: Fans & Followers: Profiles Link:
Facebook:  17.5 million  Link
Peace Tv : More than 100 million  Link
Instagram : 42.8 K  Link
Twitter: 6.5K  Link
YouTube : 76.2K  Link
Website: ……….. ZakirNaik.com


As a religious preacher, Zakir Naik remains at the center of controversies for sensitive debates and comments. Here are some incidents where the news became worldwide headlines.

Promoting Terrorism: Several Indian personalities claimed that Zakir Naik and his IRF acts as the magnet for people to join Lashkar-e-Taiba. They also claim Naik promotes tempered Jihad and violence. But Zakir Naik dismissed all the allegations saying it was a misinterpretation of his lectures. However, some traditional preachers don’t take him as an Islamic personality well.

Zakir Naik with Security
with Security

2010 Dhaka Attack: After a bombing incident, the Vishva Hindu Parishad placed 30 lakh rupees to behead Zakir Naik. Another group named Hussaini Tigers offered 15 lakhs for his head.

Extremists Connections: The Head of the Islamic States( an Islamic Extremist Organization) Mohammad Ibrahim Yazdani revealed that he and the team members are the followers of Zakir Naik, and it created a hassle in the town. After that, the National Investigation Agency put a restriction on its activity.

Jamat-Ud-Dawa conspiracy: Intelligence reports said that Zakir Naik and the IRF connected to the terrorist and extremist organization Jamat-Ud-Dawah. It cost Zaik the loss of approval to enter India and preach for a long time. Though the Indian film producer Mahesh Bhat supported hIm saying it is against the freedom of speech rights.

2006 Mumbai Train Bombing: Zakir Naik accepted publicly that the suicide bomber and mastermind behind the 2006 Mumbai Train bombing incident named Rahil Sheikh was from his organization IRF. He added that Rahil was not a part of it anymore, and he never supported terrorism in any way that harms innocents.

2010 Dhaka Attack Allegation: One of the prime terrorists and mastermind behind the Holy Artisan Terror Attack, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is Zakir’s follower. In their confession, the team said they took Zakir Naiks ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist’ differently. Thus the Maharashtra State Intelligence gave Zakir a clean chit after two days of investigation. But, Zakir got several death threats from a Shia Mazhab after this incident.

Zakir Naik HD Image
HD Image

2019 Sri Lanka Easter Bombing Incident: The leader of National Tawheeth Jamaath carried out the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka. The leader named Zahran Hashim is an admirer and follower of Zakir Naik.

After the incident, the Sri Lankan government and censor board decided not to broadcast the Peace TV channel anymore. The face of BJP, Narendra Modi, India’s current prime minister, slammed Zakir Naik for the trigger in one of his electoral campaigns.

Stand Against homo$*exual persons, women equality: Zakir Naik is strictly against LGBTQ pride and does not believe them as competent equals. According to him, LGBTQ members have a sinful mental disease.

Zakir Naik and Taslima Nasreen were involved in a big debate when the preacher said the husbands are the masters of the household and can beat wives if they don’t obey the masters.

About the apostate, Zakir Naik chose a relatively patient attitude. But, he is with punishing them in case the apostates start spreading other thoughts than Islam.

Zakir Naik  prayer time
prayer time

2019 Malaysian Controversy: In a session in Malaysia, Zakir Naik stated a very controversial piece saying the Chinese people living in Malaysia are old guests. They should return to the country as soon as possible. Also, Zakir said the Hindus in Malaysia get more than a hundred times better facilities than the minority Muslims in India.

But, still, the Hindus show more loyalty towards the Modi government than Mahathir Mohammad. The statement spread sparks all over the country soon. Malaysian police imposed a temporary speech ban on him all over the country. Indian, Chinese, and native Malaysian people criticized Naik for hate speech, provocative, and inter-racial imbalance approaches.

Malaysian Deport: Indian embassy officially offered a formal letter for Zakir Naik’s extradition from Malaysia this 13 May 2020.

Salafi-Sunni Controversy: Sunni madhab is the dominating errand of Islam in Asia. They are more tolerant and adaptive to global changes. Salafi thoughts and Zakir Naik almost always contradict them in Fiqh’s (Legislative theories of Islam) and Shariah( law and enforcement rules). Several Sunni preachers imposed Fatwah (restriction and punishment) on Zakirs preaching, saying that he provokes people in the name of Tempered Islam.

Spreading and establishing a thought was never easy. Religious views are compassionate and controversial to work with and continue. Zakir Naik is doing a great job going against the odds and giving the world to think on newer questions.

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