Fastest 4 Seater Car In Gta 5

The fastest four seater cars in Grand Theft Auto V Story Mode are The Dewbag Exemple, which is also the fastest convertible car. The Bravadosprunk buffalo is in second, followed by the karin sultan in third. (There are also a lot of other 4 seaters in all the other GTA’s.)


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Date: May 5, 2014 at 4:53 PM


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Fastest 4 Seater Car In Gta 5

The fastest 4-seater car in GTA V story mode is – the Dewbauchee Exemplar – . (Note: Not counting GTA Online cars that can only be used in story mode if the game is modded.) The second fastest is the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, while the third-fastest is the Karin Sultan.

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And they are very fast. To make them even faster, AMCs of AM-G, CLK and SLK Coupels have been modified. Mercedes Coupel’s AMCS Coupers are now called Coupet Coupelettes.

What is the best 4 seat car in GTA 5?

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What is the fastest car in the GTA 5?

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I just finished the missions in San Andreas and I got the 4 seater for free, I then drove it for 2 years before I sold it. I believe it was a good investment. Bravada Sprinkles Buffalo

2. DewBauChee EXempler

3. KarinSultan


#4 is also my favorite.

The others are too slow for me. #3 is fast but too low, #2 is low but slow. However, if I didn’t have a 4 star wanted level, those cars would’ve been much better choices. (I didn’ t have the wanted status at the time I bought the car. )

Also, do not use the “drive” function on the map.

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