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Jonaid Babunagari photo
Jonaid Babunagari photo

Allama Jonaid Babunagari is a famous Hadith scholar and the current chairman of Hefajat-e-Islam Bangladesh. After die of Shah Ahman Shofi, Junaid Babunagari selected as assistant director of Hathazari Madrasha & selected as Amir of Hefajat e Islam.

Early Life

Junaid Babunagari was born in 1955 in Babunagar, Fatikchhari Upazila, Chittagong, Bangladesh. “Babunagari is not her name, actually her name is Mohammed Jonaid, Because of born Babunagar village, this word added to her last name. Mohammad Jonaid Babunagari is also famous as Shaykh Babunogori.


Mohammad Jonaid when just 5 years old, He entered at Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar, and completed primary education from here, When he is 10 years old, He joined at the Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam, Hathazari, Chittagong.

When Jonaid Babunagari is 20 years old, He admitted to Jamia Uloom-ul-Islamia, Karachi, Pakistan for higher Islamic education. Here Junaid Babunagari learned four years about Hadith, Sharyah, and other Islamic books.

Jonaid Babunagari on stage
Jonaid Babunagari picture


When Jonaid Babunogori is 24 years old, He began teaching at Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar, After some years later, He leaves this Madrasha for joining Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam Hathazari Madrasha.

When Hafazat e Islam found on 2010, Jonaid Babunagari selected as secretary general. He is a Hadith teacher of the madrasha and a leader of Bangladeshi Islamic teachers.

On 15-November 2020, He was elected as new Amir of Hefajat e Islam, Bangladesh.

Quick Information of Junaid Babunagari

Full Name: Mohammad Jonaid
Nick Name: Jonaid, Babunagari
Profession: Professor of Hadith
Hometown: Babunagar, Fatikchhari Upazila, Chittagong.
Age, Birthday & More
Born: 1955
Age Now: 65 Years
Birth Place: Babunagar, Fatikchhari Upazila, Chittagong.
Primary Education: Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar.
Higher Education: Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam, Hathazari, Chittagong.
Degree: Jamia Uloom-ul-Islamia, Korachi, pakistan
Movement Deobandi
Book Written by Jonaid Babunagari
Shab-e Baraat Between Excess and Rejection (বাড়াবাড়ি ছাড়াছাড়ির কবলে শবে বরাত)
Ruling on Beard in Islam (ইসলামে দাড়ির বিধান)
Tawheed and Shirk: Type and Nature (তাওহীদ ও শিরক প্রকার ও প্রকৃতি)
Muqaddimatul Ilm: Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Fatwa (মুকাদ্দিমাতুল ইলম : তাফসীর হাদীস ফিকাহ ফতোয়া)
Book Edited by Babunagari
Islam vs Contemporary Doctrine (ইসলাম বনাম সমকালীন মতবাদ)
Common Fake Hadith: A Theoretical Analysis (প্রচলিত জাল হাদীস: একটি তাত্ত্বিক আলোচনা)

Some Question and Answer about Jonaid Babunagari

Question: What is the actual name of Junaid Babunagari?
Answer: Her actual name is Mohammad Junaid, But he born in a village named Babunagar. That’s why “Babunagar words added in her name.

Question: What is the recent news of Jonaid Babunagari?
Answer: In the update of 5 December, The latest news about Jonayed Babunagari is: He To call to Bangladesh gov for don’t make the statue of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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