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  1. Go to on your computer and click on “Activate/Reactivate Phone” within the top left side of the menu. 
  2. If this is often your first time activating a phone at Net10, you will need to fill in your personal details like your name, a home telephone number and a password. 
  3. Click “Submit” and choose the model of your Phone.
  4. Tap “Submit,” and it’ll bring you to the screen where you’ll enter the IMEI and SIM numbers that you wrote down. 
  5. Click on “Activate”, and you’re done. 
  6. You should be ready to make calls now.

How To Activate Your Service After Purchasing A NET10 Plan

Buy a SIM: Is your Phone compatible with NET10? Is it compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile? Once you’re sure that your Phone will work, get your preferred SIM.

Install the SIM:

  1. Since you’re keeping your Phone, remove the present SIM, and obtain a replacement one.
  2. Remember, the situation of the SIM will vary by model.
  3. Remove this SIM and replace it with the new one.
  4. Once it’s within the slot, move onto the last step, i.e. Activate Your SIM.

Activate Your SIM: To activate your SIM, call 1-877-836-2368 from your device. You would like to stay your Phone, service plan card, and your SIM card packaging handy.

Learn activation process –

  1. How to Activate Your Phone: you’ve got two ways to activate your NET10 Phone – by calling NET10 from a landline number and online.
    • Click on this link (
    • You will then select the tab “Activate” (at the highest of the page).
    • Dial 1-877-836-2368 from your land phone.
  2. How to Add Airtime to Your New Phone: Check the subsequent options to feature airtime –
    • You can buy airtime at authorized retailers, including Walmart, Dollar country store, Target, Safeway, Radio Shack, and Tom Thumb.
  3. How to Keep Your Phone Active: to stay your Phone active, you would like to stay your service up so far. This may assist you to avoid deactivation. So, add airtime before the service ends.
    • Buy minutes to increase your service to 2 years from 30 days. However, it depends on the airtime package that you purchase.

Net10 Wireless Login:

  • For the login, open the page
  • As the page opens at the highest right, click on the ‘My account button.
  • In the next screen, enter a telephone number, email, serial number, or SIM
  • You have to see the verification box and hit on ‘Continue’ button.
  • You can also log in together with your Facebook account.

NET10 Phone Contact Support:

For more support, you’ll turn the toll-free number 1-877-836-2368.


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1. How do I activate my net10 Phone?

Activate Your Net10 Phone.

To activate your Phone online, attend and choose the “Activate” tab at the highest of the page. To activate your Phone employing a landline phone, call 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368) and follow the menu options.

2. How do I activate my net10 SIM card?

Activate your SIM

There are two ways to activate your service. First, activate your device right Call 1-877-836-2368 from any phone.

3. Does AT&T own net10?

NET10 Wireless is an MVNO that operates on all 4 major networks, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. the corporate was founded in 1996, and it’s one among several brands owned and operated by TracFone.

4. Can I buy a replacement phone and switch the SIM card?

With unlocked phones, you’ll always switch your telephone company between different phones as easily as beginning the SIM card and moving it. In contrast, only SIM cards from a selected telephone company will add its locked phones.

5. Can net10 phones be unlocked?

Net10 will provide an unlocking code to customers who request unlocking, provided they meet certain conditions. Net10 will unlock phones of current and former Net10 customers for free of charge. Customers must possess a Net10 phone that’s not reported stolen, lost, or related to fraudulent activity.

6. How do I find my net10 account number and PIN?

NET10 – Account # isn’t the telephone number – it’s the MEID or IMEI serial number of the Phone (this are often found on the rear of the Phone itself – under the battery, so remove the battery!) Or, if you are employing a BYOP SIM Card, it’ll be the last 15 digits of your SIM Card number.

7. Can I use an unlocked phone with net10?

Use your unlocked compatible GSM or CDMA phone Nationwide with NET10! If you buy a replacement phone online, it’ll include a SIM card Free, but if you’d wish to use an existing phone, purchase this SIM card activation Kit. NET10 BYOP Kit will only work with an AT&T, T-mobile or Verizon compatible phone.

8. Does Walmart carry net10 phones?

NET10 Wireless Cell Phones –

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