The song behind the TikTok dance trend

The newest TikTok dance trend on the block, the ‘Too Loud’ challenge, has users twerking with abandon. The hashtag has already amassed 115 million views and counting. You can’t scroll for too long without stumbling upon the trend’s countless recreations.

TikTok is a gift that keeps on giving with any kind of v bucks generator trend, but especially the dance ones. Dance trends for ‘Woman,’ ‘Love Nwantiti,’ and the ‘Boom Boom Challenge’ had everyone in their grasps in 2021, and 2022 doesn’t disappoint either.DB Davo🤴🏾@DeeBlockDavo“It’s getting too loud” is the best trend that done touched the internet 😩😭😍7:57 AM · Mar 15, 20221996113

What is the ‘Too Loud’ challenge on TikTok?

Contrary to what the name would have you believe, this challenge has nothing to do with ‘too loud’ sounds or any kind of screaming. The ‘Too Loud’ challenge derives its name v bucks generator from the audio that the challenge is associated with, which includes the catchphrase “too loud.”

The viral trend essentially sees users, primarily women, twerking to the song. A few surprise exceptions also have little children twerking along to the addictive tune. Some users have even put a fun spin on the trend, featuring their pets doing the move.

The virality of this trend can be attributed to its simplicity, inviting even those who claim they don’t have a dancing bone in their body.

The song behind the TikTok dance trend

As is the case with most viral dance trends, most users of the short video platform aren’t familiar with the actual song or its creator. But one Twitter user’s idle speculation almost nailed it:#[email protected]I just know that “too loud” song is a Detroit rapper it just has to be somebody v bucks generator from Michigan I know it is9:33 AM · Mar 16, 2022

The song at the heart of the trend is It’s Getting Too Loud, by Louie Ray, who is indeed of Michigan origin. Ray is a rapper who has 150,000 followers on Instagram and 61,700 subscribers on YouTube.

Though Ray’s still an artist on the rise, Complex named him among the “most quotable new artists coming from Michigan” in 2020. The rapper has been on the receiving end of several rave reviews for his craft. It seems that with his song going viral, his popularity and career will only