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Use Your Android as a Flash Drive

Here we can see “Use Your Android as a Flash Drive

Have you ever been desperately in need of a flash drive but haven’t had one around? Besides going out and buying one, the straightforward solution could also be to line up your Android as a flash drive. It will sound wacky, but it’s completely possible to line your Android device up and use it as a boot device. All it takes is maybe a single application called Drivedroid.

This app works in most cases, but there are rare instances where some devices or kernels aren’t supported. Luckily it doesn’t take too long to line up, so it’s worth giving it a try.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you’ll use your Android as a flash drive with the Drivedroid tool and install an OS onto a PC with a bootable .iso file. It should be noted that this guide requires root access.

Step 1 – Downloading Drivedroid & fixing. 

1. Firstly, you’ll get to download Drivedroid from the Google Play Store. There’s a paid version of this application, but the free version provides all of the functionality you’ll get to use your Android as a flash drive.

2. When you open the appliance for the primary time, it’ll ask if you’d wish to undergo the initial setup process. We might recommend choosing the setup – don’t skip it. At now, the appliance will invite root access. Please confine in mind that you will need your device to be rooted to use Drivedroid.

3. The first stage of the Drivedroid setup process will test whether your smartphone can use the appliance or not. Within most cases, your smartphone will be supported, but if it’s not supported, you’ll not be ready to continue with this guide.

4. Next, the appliance will ask you to plug your smartphone into your PC via USB. Once you’ve plugged your smartphone in, tap the ‘I plugged within the USB cable’ button.

5. Next, the app will ask you to settle on a USB system. the appliance can predict what system works best for your particular device. Tap proceed, then tap the choice that has been listed at the highest. During this example, the ‘Standard Android kernel’ option has appeared at the highest – it’s going to vary for your device!

6. Your PC should now recognize the smartphone as a USB drive. Here is an example of what we’ve seen on our Windows 7 PC.

7. Next, tap the ‘I see a USB drive, proceed’ option within the appliance. You’ll now get to restart your PC and check whether you’ll choose your Android device within the boot menu. Typically boot buttons are F2, F8 or Delete keys. You’ll find the actual on-screen instructions for your computer when it boots up, just before the OS loading screen appears.

8. Now tap on the app to let it realize it has successfully been recognized as a boot device. Now tap the ‘close wizard’ button.

9. Once you’ve downloaded and found out the app, you’ll next have to locate and download a bootable .iso file that you can use alongside Drivedroid. If you’ve found this guide, the likelihood is that you’ll have already got the files you would like for installing a replacement OS. However, if you don’t, you’ll find tons of various Linux distros from within the appliance itself.

10. If you already have a .iso file, you wish to use, please skip step 2 and head straight to step 3. If you have already got a bootable .iso, tap the ‘+’ button at rock bottom of the app UI, then tap ‘Add an image from file.’

11. Next, give the image any name you wish – this is often simply for your reference. Next, click the search icon under the trail option, then look for your .iso file. If you haven’t already, move it to your smartphone’s internal memory first.

Step 2 – Downloading your Bootable .iso

  • If you don’t have a bootable .iso already, tap the ‘+’ button at the rock bottom of the app UI, then tap download image. There are a variety of options to settle on from, including Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. Tap on the choice you’d like and download one among the available files.

Step 3 – Finishing the method. 

  • Next, your created or download .iso file will appear on the most Drivedroid home page. From here, tap your .iso file and await the ‘host image’ pop-up to load. Next, tap the icon underneath the ‘read-only’ USB option.
  • You can now disconnect your smartphone from your PC and connect it to the PC you’d wish to boot the .iso onto. First, confirm your PC is off, then undergo your own PC’s boot menu to pick the Android device as your flash drive.
  • That should be it – after this, the method should be finished, and your .iso will install onto your PC.

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