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A spawn window occurs every / of time for Aemonax. Spawns occur when there is a single player or no players in Aion at the time, or when the Aimonax is in combat. The spawn time of Aomonax can only be determined by Aiona, while the spawn times of other Aions are determined via the game’s internal clock.

Each spawn of aeonaxis will spawn its respective Aiamonax at a random time within its spawn range. Therefore, when an Aamonax spawns, its Aaimonax will not always spawn at exactly the same time as it did the previous time it spawned. An Aieonaxis can spawn a maximum of seven times. This occurs when a player takes damage and drops out of combat, after which the aeonic entity can no longer spawn.

Once the player is back in battle, they will no long be eligible to spawn and the entity will be respawned.

When Does Aeonaxx Spawn

Aeonaxx has a spawn timer of – approximately 2-8 hours – , and shares this timer with Blood Seeker, a small, neutral bat NPC.The spawn point of Aionax is in in Black Temple. Aionaax spawns after the when the event is active, which is when he is available for players to fight.

He does not respawn after that time, instead waiting to return. His spawn timers are not influenced by any other factor, such as level, gear, damage, etc. and can only be altered by the Event Manager. This means, if the spawn is not in time for the player, he will not spawn at all.

Also, this spawn can occur at any time of day, even during the day. Because Aonax’ spawn has no fixed time (as opposed to many other mobs) and no predictable schedule, players are encouraged to play defensively, as they cannot predict when Aonaax will spawn. In PvP, Aonoax can also spawn while a player is casting a spell, making it important for both PvE and PvP players that they keep track of their target.

How do you get Aeonaxx to spawn?

You don’t get an aeon. You get to AEO (Aeon-Aion-Osiris). AO is the mother of all aeons. AEONAXX is your personal aion. Your personal AE-O-N-AX-X. It‘s not an Aion, Aon, Osiris, but an AE that„s all about you.

How rare is reins of the phosphorescent Stone Drake?

Reins of Stone Dragon are very rare in real world. They are just a myth in my mind. It is possible to find a Stone Drakes Reindeer, but the chance is slim. The myth was first introduced in a book called The Crystal Dragon, which was published in 1969.

Although there has been no further updates, I still believe that the Stone Reine of Dragon will be found. That is my dream. I would love to meet and interact with a real Stone reindeers, especially if it is the same size as my reined Stone drake. If I ever find one, will share with you all. But I don’t think it will happen in this lifetime.


What is Reining?Reining is just the act of controlling and manipulating a horse. You control the horse by controlling the reins. For a stone drakes reining, you will need to control its legs, head and tail.

Does Xariona share spawn timer with Aeonaxx?

There is NO spawn time limit for XARIONA. The only limitation is to not use the spell on your self. You can use it on a friend. I use to use this spell for my friend and then after sometime he/she started to become mean and started giving me some serious problems.

So I had to stop using this. We have to be very careful with this one. If you see that someone is getting mean towards you then just use another spell that works for you. There are many spells like that and they are all equally powerful. This one has its own limitations. It is not a miracle spell. Use it wisely.

Can I use Aeonaxx in a raid?

Yes you can, but you must be very careful. You can’t just attack a boss while using Aeonaxx. You must wait for it to finish casting first.

Can I use Aeonaxxx to summon my reined stone drake?

YES, you can, but you must wait for the reindeer to finish casting. If you don’t wait for it, then you will not be able to use the reindeer’s ability. You have to be very careful with that one.

Can I summon a reined Stone Dragon in a raid?

A. No, you can’t. You can’t do that. That’s the reason why I don’t use reined stone dragons. They don’t have any abilities that you can use to help you. They are just like normal drakes.

Can I have more than 1 aeonaxx?

A. Yes, you can, but you need to be very careful with that.

How do I get the reindeer to use his ability?

You must use a spell that has the same name as the reindeer. For example, if you want the reindeer to use its ability, then you need to use a spell called “Reindeer ability”. You will need to cast that spell on him.

Once he has used his ability, you will need to use another spell to make him stop using it. You can use the same spell that you used on him. You will need to cast it again on him. That’s it.

Can I create a reined stone drake with a summon spell?

Yes, you can. You can also create a stone drake with a summon spells. The only limitation is that you can’t use the “Aeonaxxx” spell on a summon stone drake. It has to be a reined stone drake.

How long can I keep my reined stone drake in raid?

Reined stone drakes can be kept in a raid for only one raid. You can’t keep them in raid for a long time.


The spawn timers for Aion and Bloodseeker are always displayed in red when in combat. Aiona and Asek are both considered neutral, while BloodSeeker and any other Bat are considered hostile. Other monsters may spawn in AION at various times. They can appear in numbers ranging from 2 to hundreds.

Spawning of these monsters can occur in all areas, except for the new AOI “Aion”, the zone in which Aione and other monsters will spawn. This zone is a zone of ASEKs. In the event that AEON spawns in this zone, an Aioi spawns. During this period, players must avoid entering this area. Once the AIOI disappears, AAEON will reappear in another zone.

As with the other AOE’s, each monster will have a set number of spawn points. These spawn-points are set on the ground and will respawn at the end of a given time-period.

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